Canapé Menus


Fillet of beef crostini. Salsa verde & shaved Parmesan.
Beef yakitori skewers. Teriyaki glaze. Sesame.
Foie gras with fig compote. Ryebread crisp.
Crisp chorizo shells. Marinated goats cheese. Oven dried cherry tomatoes. Balsamic glaze
Crispy duck with hoisin in tortilla cup. Radish & cucumber.
Duck pancakes with spring onion, sesame & plum.
Ham hock & pea fritters with herb aioli.
Beetroot marinated sea trout in filo basket. Horseradish & Creme Fraiche.
Tuna tartare on sesame crisp with yuzu.
Salt cod croquettes with fennel & lime mayonnaise.
Sea bass ceviche with marinated radishes & baby gem.
Maryland crab cakes with spiced gazpacho sauce.
Brown shrimps on buckwheat crackers with capers & parsley.
Caramelised chicory & goats cheese tartlets.
Pea, broad bean, asparagus & pecorino frittata cubes with candied pine nuts.
Courgette & halloumi fritters with green tomato salsa.
Avocado & beetroot tartlets with whipped ricotta.
Arancini with saffron, mozzarella & pesto.

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